Cornered Animal

by Sweet Demon

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your love on my skin


your love on my skin
feels like water on petrified wood
you wish i'd change from within
well i would if i could
but we are all a slave to that dopamine
finding hope in a shallow latrine
and love in a murder scene

history etched into me
has loosened my nerves
but soon i will be released
from your hand carved teeth
and contorted fantasies

memories sharpen my axe
steadily, i will hack
at your roots dug into me
like hell i'm swinging
in slow conversation
my fleeting appreciation
meets your desperate anticipation

but i know
there's no going back
once my eyes go black
especially when it's staring back
now i know your eyes can go black
and there's no going back

it took anothers tragic poetry
to deem what wasn't good for me
bruised on the inside
spark faded in my eye
angers fangs have hooked in
and i left my heart
in that room in brooklyn

swallowing my own poison
body full of venom
cowering like a cornered animal
so in this bathroom stall confessional
i'll come clean with it all
charging up for a declined phone call

but you'd still rather
meet me on the grass
roll around on shards of glass
screeching in eachothers ears
for years and years and years
blood on your teeth
screaming love me
just like you do

but now i know
your eyes can go black
and there's no going back
especially when its staring back
now i know my eyes can go black
and there's no going back


released March 15, 2016
Rose Carver guitar, lyrics, vocals, editing



all rights reserved


Sweet Demon Ypsilanti, Michigan

Bells and Screams
light and dark
I've found a worthy journey to embark

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